Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Modern interior bedrooms for young

Modern interior is the overall direction of the aggregate styles, logical expression of the philosophy of life of modern man and his routinely required functional needs. Common features of modern trends in design: functionality, integrity, and ease of use, rationality, clear geometric forms and clear colors, introduction of new non-traditional materials, minimum, or the complete absence of decor. Aesthetics is based on purity and strictness of lines ,harmony and expensive originality.

Expressiveness is achieved by color contrast or color accent, and on the contrast of the materials used. Natural stone, metal, natural wood, concrete, glass, plastic - choice of materials is great, but there is a basic installation of novelty planning and constructive application, the formation of modern rational space and compliance forms.
Modern interior bedrooms for young

Such a broad concept as a modern interior style bedrooms implies complete freedom of action, the use of numerous informal combinations and classical elements (exception are functional interior of a bedroom in the style of minimalism and monochrome high-tech). However, in connection with труднообъяснимой frequent changeability of human ideas about beauty and comfort, coupled with the trends in the fashion world in the apartment design, each of us periodically appears to somehow upgrade or refresh own "nest".

In this article, we decided to "retell" the history of the modern interior of a bedroom in a new way by changing its colour and tried to inspire You a selection of ambiguous design examples, where the mood throughout the room is able to set the color!

Minimalism in the bedroom style is an ideal environment to stay for young and teen with creative potential, as well as for those who like to dissociate itself from the everyday hustle, bustle and relax. Here is permissible to any accents. The predominance of white and wood, the combination of ultra-modern design and vintage furniture, bright breathtaking detail and textiles, soft and cozy lighting, design in the same style, abundance of free space are the main features of the modern interior спальнив the spirit of the Scandinavian Viking age.

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